Power Sport Senior
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Power Sport Senior

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Seniors need to feed their hormones before they feed their muscles. When you're older you need a different approach to a young man. Only in this way will your body rejuvenate and new muscle mass flourish.

  • TRIBEX supports the natural production of testosterone, the healthy production of sperm and the ability to recover after intense exercise.
  • ACTI-PRO is a slow release protein powder with zinc + magnesium for a delicious shake before going to bed.
  • GOJO GINSENG contains the very best Korean ginseng to help you deal with stress and change.

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Older guys (50+) need to feed their hormones before they feed their muscles. An older body needs a different nutritional approach to that for a younger man. Only in this way will their body rejuvenate and new muscle mass flourish. There are 5 simple steps to build muscle on a guy fifty and older: 1) Spread the food in smaller meals throughout the day 2) Avoid all sugary drinks, sugary meals, sweets and desserts. 2) Increase intake of foods rich in zinc, selenium, copper, boren and magnesium 3) Increase protein intake but with small portions 4) Increase number of exercise moments from 3 per week to 2 light 20 minute sessions per day. 5) Remove stimulants from daily routines with the exception of just a few minutes before exercise.

Take 1 tablet with breakfast if your body weight is 75 kilograms or less. Take 2 tablets if you train heavily or your body weighs more than 75 kilogram. Optimal dosage varies depending on your age, fitness level and longer-term nutrition during the last 6 - 9 months. Always start with 1 TRIBEX tablet with breakfast when starting out with this product. Always ensure that you eat and drink protein-rich foods when training more heavily than usual. TRIBEX is highly dependent on sufficient protein intake.

Mix 1 - 2 heaped tablespoons (20 gram) of ACTI-PRO and mix with skimmed milk (300 ml) in a blender. Add a banana to the blender if you are feeling hungry. Add ice to the blender to make a frostie protein shake. Add cocoa to make it more chocolate. Take 1 hour approximately before going to sleep. Mixed right it's tastes like a chocolate ice cream smoothie without the ice cream and yet with lots of quality protein.

Take 1 tablet every 3 hours with a maximum of 6 tablets per day. Eat regular small healthy meals and try to minimise your intake of stimulants like sugar, caffeine or nicotine.

(per tablet) Tribulus terrestris 500 mg, Muira puama 250 mg, maltodextrine, cellulose, Avena sativa 60 mg, croscarmellose, povidone, Panax ginseng 25 mg, silica, stearate, zinc (gluconate) 10 mg, titaniumdioxide, triacetine, ethylcellulose, indigo, potassium sorbate.

whey protein concentrate (80%) cold distilled with ultrafiltration en microfiltration (beta lactoglobulin 48%, alpha lactalbumin 18%, serum albumin 1 - 2%, immunoglobulin G 1-3%, lactoferrin <1%), calcium casinate, fructose, maltodextrin, whey protein, inulin, cocoa powder, natural flavouring, magnesium citrate, glutamine peptides, sweetener: sodium cyclamate, tri-calcium phosphate, zinc citrate. Contains milk ingredients. Store closed in a dry cool place. Keep out of reach of children. Food supplement suitable for vegetarians. No substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.

(per tablet): cellulose, Panax (Korean) ginseng root 1000 mg (raw equiv. from conc.), povidone, croscarmellose, hypromellose, silicon dioxide, magnesium (stearate), (B3) niacinamide 2.4 mg, titanium dioxide, (B5) calcium d-pantothenate1 0.9 mg, diethyl phthalate, iron oxide, ethyl cellulose, (B6) pyridoxine 0.21 mg, (B1) thiamine 0.165 mg, (B2) riboflavine 0.21 mg, (B11) folic acid 30 mcg, (B12) cyanocobalamine 3 mcg. Food supplement with ginseng and vitamins.

Manufactured in a GMP pharmaceutical factory using standardised herbal concentrates.

High dose zinc-magnesium complex with premium grade whey protein concentrate. Low levels of lactose and fat free chocolate for flavouring. There really isn’t a better formulation if you're training regularly each week, sometimes feel your muscles are tight and would like to grow your muscle mass. The formulation contains no fillers, no gluten, no artificial flavouring and the minimum of sweeteners.

Manufactured in a GMP pharmaceutical factory using standardised herbal concentrates and therapeutic vitamins.

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