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Bones... "Stay stronger and stand tall!"

CALPRO contains a professional grade of bioavailable calcium with vitamin K2 and vitamin D3, to support the daily maintenance of strong bones when you don't eat/drink much dairy.

  • contains professional grade bioavailable calcium for your bones: calcium tetrahydrate
  • with high dose vitamin D3 and sufficient vitamin K2
  • surprisingly easy to digest with no known digestive side effects

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CALPRO is a 3-in-1 formulation with a special form of  professional calcium and vitamin K2 and vitamin D3. CALPRO support the maintenance of strong bones like few other formulations,  especially when you don't eat/drink much in the way of dairy products.  Depending on your size and age, your body needs to absorb 800 - 1200 mg of calcium per day to maintain your bone density. As you pass thirty years old and continue to age most adults generally see their bone density drop by 0.5 - 1.5% per year. As the decades pass the slow decline  goes from being a minor worry to being a major health issue, often causing much pain.

Wealthier people who are mobile or exercise most days, and eat a mainly plant based diet with regular and sizeable amounts of dairy, generally do not lose bone mass until way into the seventies. Whilst poorer people living on bread, ready-made meals, meat and potatoes with an excess of salt - and living in their cars - are already losing so much bone mass that they are noticeably shrinking in height in the mid-fifties. It's a choice. You can eat right, exercise and stand tall. Or you can ignore the issue until the pain in your bones sends you to the doctor's surgery. Calcium matters. If you get your intake wrong eventually it's a nightmare. If you get it right you'll stay standing tall until 70 - 75 years old.

Chew or swallow 1 - 2 tablets on an empty stomach 3 times a day. 6 chews total per day. Reduce if you eat/drink some dairy or eat raw dark green vegetables on most days. If you diet is limited we recommend 6 chews per day, if you diet is rich and healthy but dairy free we recommend 4 chews per day. Inform your pharmacist and doctor you are taking this product if you are taking prescription medicines other than aspirine to thin your blood. Take a teaspoon of MAGNESUM powder (5 gram, approx 500 mg elemental weight) with juice 1 hour before bed to complement this product.

(per tablet): Highly bioavailable calcium (citrate tetrahydrate) 100 mg (RI/RV = 12%, 800 mg), sorbitol, mannitol, starch, xylitol, povidone, sucrose, avouring, magnesium stearate, silcon dioxide, vitamin D3 10 mcg (RI/RV = 200%), steviol glycosides, vitamin K2 5 mcg. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Manufactured in a GMP pharmaceutical factory using a new highly bioavailable form of calcium with clinical grade vitamin K2 and vitamin D3.

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