Berry Blaster
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Berry Blaster

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Life is dirty, your liver keeps you clean

BERRY BLASTER has been used for more than a decade by more than 1 million generally satisfied customers who've used it to support the cleansing function of the liver and help with the removal of toxins, medicines, pollutants, drugs and other chemicals.

  • all-in-one natural herbal remedy
  • supports liver function and gives energy when tired
  • improves weight control and skin tone

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Your liver works hard regardless but you can help it along, especially on days when the workload is heavy, by choosing nutrient-rich foods and light meals full of vegetables with some fruit.


Your liver filters your blood to clean it around 1400 times a day pushing toxins through to the kidneys, skin and lower intestines. If there is cleaning that can't be finished up during the afternoon or evening then your liver will need to do it while you sleep. If there's still cleaning to be done when you wake up then you'll feel noticeably lethargic.


Medicines, air pollution, smoking and smoke, heavy metals, preservatives, cosmetics, artificial sweeteners and colourants, are all toxins to the body and often cause the brain to feel tired.


The liver needs extra nutrients, water and vitamins to clean a heavier than normal workload and expel the breakdown products. What it can't expel immediately it must hold and store for longer periods.


When your liver is working well then other organs likely work better too. Digestive problems, stomach cramps, water retention, headaches, skin rashes, cellulite, your BMI, even a poor appetite, are all immediately connected to your liver function.

Shake before use.
Mix 1 - 2 capfuls with cold water in a large glass. Store in fridge after opening. Not advised when pregnant. No substitute for a healthy diet or exercise. Food supplement. Supplemented food (ANZ). Natural sweetener. BERRY BLASTER helps adults support their liver and increase their energy levels as long as you maintain your water and nutritional intake and keep your exercise and rest schedule reasonably balanced. We are a strong believer in light daily exercise for seniors. Each bottle of BERRY BLASTER is sufficient for 30 days. If you listen to your body and feed it well consistently then you’ll be able to achieve much more going forward and be more in control.

Filtered ionised water, blackcurrant concentrate 24%, natural cane sugar, milk thistle (with silymarin) 500mg*, green tea concentrate (with EGCG) 350mg*, dandelion extract*, 100mg damiana extract*, taurine, choline (bitartrate) 100mg, vitamin C 40mg, vitamin B3 8mg, tri-sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, sweetener: stevia, vitamin B6 1mg. *Herbal concentrates.

Our team has been developing pharmaceutical grade nutritional products since 1996. BERRY BLASTER was developed in 2002 in cooperation with a detox and an (anti-) addiction clinic who help otherwise healthy adults withdraw from the excess use of recreational drugs, prescription medicines and alcohol. The product contains standardised herbal extracts and other nutrients.

No interactions are known or expected with other substances. No side effects are expected in healthy adults who mostly drink water and maintain a reasonably balanced diet. This product supports the liver and helps the body along during withdrawal from addiction but is not a guarantee for success.



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