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Your muscles grow while you sleep...

ACTI-PRO is a slow release protein powder with zinc and magnesium for making a delicious shake you can drink about an hour before going to sleep

  • slow release protein with whey protein concentrate and caseine (milk protein)
  • formulated with a zinc-magnesium complex to support muscle(cell) growth
  • mix with milk in a blender and drink about an hour before bed

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ACTI-PRO supports the maintenance of muscle tissue and growth of muscle mass during rest after exercise. Contains premium bioavailable whey protein with high levels of zinc and magnesium. Ideally you mix a shake in a blender about an hour before going to bed. You can add a banana if you're already feeling like a snack.

Mix 1 - 2 heaped tablespoons (20 gram) of ACTI-PRO and mix with skimmed milk (300 ml) in a blender. Add a banana to the blender if you are feeling hungry. Add ice to the blender to make a frostie protein shake. Add cocoa to make it more chocolate. Take 1 hour approximately before going to sleep. Mixed right it's tastes like a chocolate ice cream smoothie without the ice cream and yet with lots of quality protein.

whey protein concentrate (80%) cold distilled with ultrafiltration en microfiltration (beta lactoglobulin 48%, alpha lactalbumin 18%, serum albumin 1 - 2%, immunoglobulin G 1-3%, lactoferrin <1%), calcium casinate, fructose, maltodextrin, whey protein, inulin, cocoa powder, natural flavouring, magnesium citrate, glutamine peptides, sweetener: sodium cyclamate, tri-calcium phosphate, zinc citrate. Contains milk ingredients. Store closed in a dry cool place. Keep out of reach of children. Food supplement suitable for vegetarians. No substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.

High dose zinc-magnesium complex with premium grade whey protein concentrate. Low levels of lactose and fat free chocolate for flavouring. There really isn’t a better formulation if you're training regularly each week, sometimes feel your muscles are tight and would like to grow your muscle mass. The formulation contains no fillers, no gluten, no artificial flavouring and the minimum of sweeteners.

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