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You can do anything, not everything

BURNOUT contains Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, a strong adaptogen. The formulation helps the body and brain in times of stress and provides a first line of defense for your immune system.

  • supports the body and brain in times of extreme mental and/or physical stress
  • contains therapeutic grade Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root concentrate called KSM66
  • also used to support people dealing with addiction to medicines, chemicals or drugs

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Harder, faster & longer!

CREATINE enables power athletes to train harder, sprint faster and workout longer when used daily.

  • 100% pure creatine that enables you to train harder
  • contains no fillers, mixers or other ingredients - 100% pure
  • helps power athletes do about 15% more work during each training within 3 - 5 days

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MAGNESIUM is essential for your body and brain to relax, recover and rejuvenate. A teaspoon in milk or juice is enough.

  • 100% pure magnesium powder that is easily absorbed and light on the stomach
  • guaranteed effects within 2 - 3 days both with recreationaly & experienced athletes
  • highly effective dosage form with no fillers, no gluten, no sweeteners

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During periods of extreme stress and/or tiredness your body immunity, your concentration and energy levels drop noticeably.

  • BURNOUT with Ashwagandha is a strong natural remedy for extreme tiredness.
  • MAGNESIUM is required to help you body and brain relax, recover and rejuvenate.
  • SWEET DREAMS is helps you go to sleep and stay asleep so you wake feeling rested.

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"If you dream it, you can do it."


SWEET DREAMS supports relaxation during the day and also enables you to sleep easier at night and wake up rested in the morning. You can use it to chill, de-stress or snooze.

  • supports daytime relaxation and can be used to chill or siesta
  • enables you to sleep easier and wake up rested
  • unique combination of standardised valerian, hop, gentian and vitamin C

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Teenage Boys Power Sport


Teenager boys eat what's put in front of them, don't listen to their body's limits and get sick time and again. Light protein shakes just after training, a quality sports drink and extra vitamin D3 help to make more days a good day.

  • HARD BODY gives your body the whey protein it needs to exercise and then keep going.
  • ROAD RUNNER with l-carnitine is the drink you need in your water bottle when you exercise.
  • VITAMIN D3 helps your body produce the hormones you need to regenerate your body as it ages.

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Men 28+, your body is a beautiful machine

For active men aged 28-plus who seek to main their exercise routine and fitness levels as they get older.

  • contains bioavailable zinc* to support testosterone production
  • formulated with adaptogens to increase energy levels
  • formulated only for men aged 28+ who exercise regularly

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"Are you feeling sunny?"

VITAMIN D makes the difference between degeneration and regeneration in the human body, whether it's the bones and teeth, muscles or the pre-production of hormones which drive the maintenance systems in the body.

  • high dose vitamin D3 with a therapeutic quantity in each tablet
  • contains 75 mcg (3000 IU) per peppermint chew
  • annual pack with 365 chews, enough for 1 tablet per day for a year

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